Explore Your Behavior Patterns

Understanding yourself and others begins with exploring the different ways to look at behaviors. In this section you’ll find that there are many ways to define personality and behavior based on both validated and unvalidated models, which will help you discover how your natural preferences differ from others.


1. The behaviors tab is where you’ll find all of the possible behavior patterns and systems to explore. 

2. A solid star means that you have data for that behavior pattern, an empty star means you can either take the assessment or read about it and input your results.

3. When you have a report from a behavior system we haven’t listed yet, let us know. Or if you would like to take an assessment for a behavior system not listed, send us the link and we will add it to the list.


1. When you choose a behavior system, you’ll find a brief overview and details about that system.

2. We are adding links so that it will be easy for you to find where to take an assessment or quiz for this system.

3. Each behavior system has a way to add a source. Click the Add Source button to see the screen shown below



1. When you click Add Source, you’ll be shown three ways to choose a new source to add.

2. Off-line Source – Many earlier assessments were given on paper. Simply input your results using the pre-populated menu fields for that assessment.

3. On-line Source – After taking an online assessment, you can enter the results using the pre-populated menu fields and the URL link to the assessment for future reference.

4. You as the Source – This source comes from you. It is only used to represent your exploration of all the options and after reviewing all the possibilities choosing the results that best fit you. You can do this personally by exploring the materials and description or for some behaviors you can use the Step Research Best Fit Final Answer Wizard if available.

More about the Behaviors Section

Understanding personalities and differences is very rewarding but it may be challenging and confusing to explore many behavior models simultaneously. We recommend you focus on one new behavior model with each visit to Smarter About People and to determine the Best Fit Final Answer for that model. In the process you can discover which models resonate with you and help you understand a bit more about yourself and the people you know.

Behaviors: A System, a Lens or a Pattern

There are many different ways to think about behaviors. You can call them behavior models, behavior systems, behavior lenses, or behavior patterns, but they all basically represent the same thing. A way of seeing how people behave differently. Identifying and interpreting behavior.

You Have the Best Fit Final Answer

The responsibility for the accurate assessment of your personality rests with you. Whether you’ve take a quiz, a survey, a personality assessment or career assessment, none will be able to assess you 100%. You need to interpret the results for yourself and consider them as starting place, not the final answer. Only after reading through all of the possibilities should you determine your best fit for that assessment.

Your “best fit final answer” should only be used when you have had a chance to review the possible options and can confirm which one is best. It should never be used if you have only read the one type recommended by the assessment.