Your Personal Profile

Your profile is where your personal results are displayed for the different behavior systems, all in one place. We believe this is the first time that results from all behavior systems can be stored, shared, optimized, discovered and enjoyed in a single profile. In fact, we’re sure of it.


1. Your Profile – click here to see your results from your Smarter About People Free Report and the results that you’ve reported.

2. Your Results – The results from your Smarter About People Free Report will start you off. Click on any result name in the gray box for a complete description.

3. Improve – Improve your results by adding another source from an off-line assessment, an on-line assessment or just your opinion.

4. Free Report – Your Smarter About People Free Report, based on your quiz answers, determines your Superpower, Go-To Behaviors and 4 letter code, plus predicts your results for other behavior systems.

5. Custom Reports – The first two reports are the At Work Report, a detailed report chock full of tips for you at work, and the two- person Healthy Relationship Report that gives you and your partner tips on what it’s like to be the other person, and specific things you can do for the other person. Both people take the quiz and both benefit.

6. Upload Reports – The online world is full of fun quizzes and more serious assessments. Instead of having pdfs of these reports scattered on your hard drive, upload them to your Profile.

7. Your Profile Accuracy – This bar and others like it represent how close you are to an accurate profile based on all the behavior pattern systems we track. You can never understand yourself 100% according to Carl Jung but it’s fun to see how close you can get!