Store All Your Personality Reports in One Place

It will be amazing to see all of the reports you have taken over a lifetime in one place, each helping you understand a specific aspect of your personality, behavior or those with whom you share a life.


1. Your Reports – Any report that you take or upload will be displayed here.

2. Read Your Reports – Your free report and Smarter About People custom reports will be displayed here. Click on any report to display it in your browser.

3. Upload Reports – All of your uploaded reports will display here. Click on any report to display it in your browser.

More About Reports

At this point you will have already received your free personality type report. That is your baseline from which to confirm your type and learn more about the nuances of behavior associated with that type. Based on your personality results, there are custom reports that have been written and are waiting for you. Each custom report is designed to give you insight into one aspect of your life and how your natural, normal behavior affects it.

Consider beginning with your At Work Report, since being at work is an activity that affects your present and your future, not to mention takes up the majority of your day and puts money in your bank account. This report is personalized just for you.

Next we recommend your Relationship Report, which is based on your results and the results of your significant other. To receive the custom report that identifies how the two of you interact, order the report. As part of the process you’ll be asked to invite that most important person in your life to take the Smarter About People quiz. After he or she takes the quiz, the Relationship Report will be emailed to both of you. Don’t worry, they won’t be any bombshells, just a discussion of how you each prefer to communicate and tips on how to communicate with the other person. You’ll find it insightful and helpful. Only one of the two people have to purchase the report.

Each time we add a new report, it will automatically appear in the list of available reports. You don’t have to take the quiz again to receive new personality reports.  If, over time and exploration, your results change, then so do your reports, free, at no extra cost. As we add to and improve the reports in the future, then you get those upgrades free, too.