Help the important people in your life understand you.

We encourage you to share your results with family, friends and colleagues. Here is how to share your profile or one of your reports.


1. Invite someone to share profiles. You will be able to see their profile and they will be able to see yours. This is a good way to compare results and see how you differ from each other.

2. See who has invited you to share profiles. You’ll be able to accept sharing on a person-by-person basis.

3. Click on a report to share it. You may want to only share a specific report. Just click on the report and the system will generate a “deep link” to your report.

4. Copy the generated link and paste it into an email to share your report.  The other person will only be able to see this one report, but not your profile or any other report.

Why Share?

You may not want to share everything you discover about yourself, but it would be helpful to let others know what they could discover about themselves. One way to do that is to share your results, especially if they describe some aspect of you that someone else may not know about or realize. You never know how a little bit of effort on your part can influence the life of someone else. So, even if you don’t share your results, please share whatever you find interesting about a model or a report.

Sharing is a two-way street. If both people have accounts, when you accept someone else’s share, they can see what you share.