There are eight Superpowers. You have one.

Hyper Speed

hyperspeedGetting things done and making decisions quickly is what Hyper Speed is about.  Neuroscience shows that the brains of those with Hyper Speed have the ability to execute decisions at a speed and ease which few can match.  The speed with which they can take any project and organize it and put together a process to complete it is often astounding to others.  And while they are often very accurate relative to the speed at which they answer, this power is not about accuracy. This means that accuracy is sometime sacrificed and disregarded.  Few people can match the effectiveness and zeal for accomplishing objectives of those with Hyper Speed.  Those with Hyper Speed have the highest levels of energy and often need the least amount amount of sleep.  When overused Hyper Speed can sometimes be seen by others as an invasion of their space.  While those with this superpower are eager to jump in and help by taking control to speed the project along, everyone may not be thrilled.

Super Logic

superlogicUnderstanding the logical model and analyzing or figuring out the facts is what Super Logic is all about.  Those with Super Logic are often dismayed because almost the entire world seems illogical or “stupid” to them.  For those with Super Logic it is very frustrating that most other people do not logically analyze or figure out their decisions.  For those Super Logic, they often can’t turn off the need to analyze things.  Neuroscience shows that the brains of those with this superpower are constantly evaluating and defining if something is correct or incorrect based on the sophisticated logical models and complex mental concepts they use.  This can sometimes result in a fairly biting wit.  And when overused this can result in a perfectionist approach and evaluation of both themselves and those around them.  But it is also this constant mental sharpening that results in amazing progress on any problem that can be analyzed and solved by logic and those with Super Logic think all problems can and should be solved by logic.

Selfless Courage

selflesscourageBeing true to one’s own self and personal code is what Selfless Courage is all about.  Those with this superpower are hyper aware of their own and each person’s unique identity and have a constant awareness of the code they live by and how the world and others are living up to that code.  If anything, they are harshest on themselves.  They will often “turn the other cheek” or let it “roll off their back” when somebody does something to them, but if you do something to someone they care about, then they cannot help but act to defend.  Neuroscience shows that the brains of those with this superpower are often the best at being truly active listeners.  Those with this superpower often give others time to have their say before those with Selfless Courage make up their mind.  Overuse of this power can result in sacrificing too much of themselves for those around them in an unbalanced way, sacrificing their happiness for others they care about even when their loved ones don’t want them too.

Mind Reading

mindreadingUnderstanding people is what Mind Reading is all about.  Those with this superpower are amazing at understanding people and social circumstances and then explaining themselves appropriately.  They almost always seem to say the right thing.  Neuroscience shows that the brains of those with Mind Reading are very aware of how people are behaving in any circumstance and it is almost impossible for them to ignore any rude or disrespectful behavior as they understand instantly how it feels to be on the receiving end.  Understanding the social contract we all live by with each other is a natural part of who they are.  Almost nobody understands and places themselves in another person’s shoes as well as those with Mind Reading.  They are so aware of people’s needs that they often can’t stop it from happening and can become overwhelmed by overuse of their superpower.

Creative Storm

creativestormGenerating endless ideas and connecting thoughts is what Creative Storm is all about. Neuroscience shows that the brains of those with the Creative Storm superpower are always thinking many thoughts, they are constantly flooded by many thoughts and ideas, often very unrelated to whatever is in front of them.   For those with Creative Storm, being asked to brainstorm is both a pleasure and a relief, they no longer have to keep trying to slow down the infinite supply of ideas.  Like lightning strikes, their ideas jump from topic to topic, which can sometimes be very frustrating to those around them when this power is overused.  When they should be focusing on getting a task done, their brain is instead coming up with new and different ways to approach the task.  In an argument, those with Creative Storm are simultaneously playing devil’s advocate for all sides.  Those with Creative Storm often find their mouth open blurting out an idea without any need to decide if it is good or not.

Super Comprehension

SuperComprehensionA complete and instant understanding is what Super Comprehension is about.  Neuroscience shows that for those with this power, it is like they listen and their brain just provides the answer, fully formed.  Going to sleep and waking up with the answer is much more common for people with this superpower.  Being able to see and understand something from a higher level is natural.  Understanding that higher level and how something is connected to what is around it allows those with this power to be amazingly insightful into what long term results will occur from any action. Their ability to accurately predict the future in the area of their knowledge  is unbelievable. Those with this superpower often report having trouble meditating, for it is during the time of quiet meditation that their brain seems to wake up the most and start providing insight.  Over dependence on this superpower can especially cause problems for the person in areas where they have little knowledge.  At this time their brain responds with either silence or worthless garbage.

Hyper Senses

hypersensesBeing hyper aware of the world around them and the information coming in through the five senses is what Hyper Senses is all about.  Neuroscience shows that the brains of those with Hyper Senses naturally experience the world at a level most of us will never understand.  This results in an ability to physically interact with the world in a natural and effortless process.  Those with Hyper Senses may never be a professional athlete, but they never struggled with sports.  Almost any physical activity, from sports and video games to reacting physically in an emergency comes natural.  Their ability to pay attention even makes them some of the best people at reading body language, reading the physical cues someone gives almost like the rest of us read a book.   They are often some of the best at quickly troubleshooting and adapting to the needs of the moment. But over use of Hyper Senses and being in the moment sometimes means little regard for the future, a lack of plan, and unawareness of the longer range results of the choices being made.

Total Recall

totalrecallBeing able to recall the entire experience is what Total Recall is about  Neuroscience shows that the brains of those with this superpower use their entire brain to remember something.  Most people only remember certain specific details, like what someone said.  Those with Total Recall remember everything else too, from what color the carpet was, to what music was playing on the radio, to the time of day the conversation happened.  For many with this power it is almost as if they can superimpose what they remember over what is currently in front of them, making them brilliant and noticing when things are not like they were before and being able to easily duplicate something they did before. Overuse of this power can result in being trapped in the past and having difficulty moving forward or making change.

Everyone has a Superpower

Have you ever experienced frustration when you donʼt understand why someone else acts, reacts and makes certain choices, especially when they are ones that you yourself would never make? People could make their lives a lot easier with just a bit more insight into their own Superpower and personality type, and the realization that others differ quite a bit from you.

Direct knowledge about your Superpower can only be determined if you take our short quiz and then confirm the results using our Best Fit Wizard.